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As often it is very wise to start with a definition one is talking about.

Investment controlling is the independent supervision and monitoring of the quality and performance of asset management accounts. Its target is to ensure that the asset management client gets what was promised to them.

Investment controlling is the last step of the investment decision process and dependent of setup encompasses not only controlling activities but may also include activities like compliance, guideline checking, risk management, performance monitoring, performance review, etc.

Investment Controlling

This is an web forum for all interested in investment controlling.

If interested to bring this web forum up to speed please contact me through email to stefan.illmer(add)gmx.ch.

Feedback welcomed!

If any feedback to the content or the website itself please contact me through email to stefan.illmer(add)gmx.ch.

Dear interested

It is great that I am not the only one who is interested in investment controlling!

With an educational background in banking and finance and especially in controlling, in 1996 I started to think about controlling in the area of asset management. I was very surprised that at these days there was no literature available on the matter of investment controlling. This was a big challenge for me which I am dealing with now for some time.

As a believer in transparency and as someone who likes to share with others, I thought several times in the past to share my knowledge and experience in the area of investment controlling through the web. And now it is the time to change from „Yes, I can“ to „Yes, I do“.

It is not my ambition to have a state of the art web appearance but instead to keep it as simple as possible - so that I can update this website by myself. With respect to the content I have the highest ambition and hope that you will find the website very helpful for your daily work and life. Please measure me against the highest standards.

Dr. Stefan Joachim Illmer

Welcome and Ambition

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